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Final Fantasy IX - Decorative PS1 Wooden Cartridge

Final Fantasy IX - Decorative PS1 Wooden Cartridge

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Immerse yourself in the magical world of Final Fantasy 9 in a new and unique way with our decorative wooden canister. This handcrafted piece embodies the timeless spirit of the game that has captivated generations of gamers. Crafted with passionate dedication, each wooden cartridge is a work of art in its own right.

Let yourself be seduced by the natural warmth of wood which brings a touch of elegance to your play space or your souvenir collection. Every line, every curve, every iconic detail of the original game cartridge has been painstakingly sculpted to faithfully recreate the experience that left its mark on us.

Imagine the unique sensation of holding this work of art in your hands, with the natural texture of the wood adding a tactile dimension to your experience. Whether as a centerpiece of your collection or as an unforgettable gift for a devoted fan, our decorative wooden Final Fantasy 9 cartridge is a declaration of love to classic video games.

Bring to life the magic and emotion of the game that redefined the RPG genre with this decorative wooden cartridge, a tangible embodiment of Final Fantasy 9's timeless legacy.

An original gift made entirely of wood, handmade in France, which has everything to please.

Size: 14.3 x 13.1 x 1.2 cm

Be careful, it's just decoration, doesn't actually work.
Each product is unique and is made of poplar plywood. Poplar plywood has natural properties. Variations in color and grain are natural. In the color representation, there may be deviations between our illustrations in the online shop and the finished product, which is for technical reasons. Due to production using modern laser technology, the cut edges become light brown/black. All of these properties are within the tolerance range and do not constitute grounds for complaint.

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