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Mon'holes Lisa

Mon'holes Lisa

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This contemporary interpretation of the Mona Lisa, titled "Mon'holes Lisa", offers a bold and innovative take on Leonardo da Vinci's classic icon. Made in plexiglass, this work pushes the boundaries of artistic tradition by exploring transparency and texture through a unique sculptural approach.

The captivating face of the Mona Lisa is drawn on a white plexiglass plate whose surface is meticulously perforated, creating a multitude of small holes. These perforations, arranged with artistic precision, evoke a constellation of stars, giving the work a celestial and mystical atmosphere.

The use of plexiglass adds a new dimension to the work, allowing the light to play with the perforations, creating plays of shadows and reflections which energize the representation. The Mona Lisa, captured in this subtle play of light, seems to come to life under changing perspectives, inviting the viewer to rediscover her enigmatic smile with each movement.

The Mona Lisa's minute details are preserved, but their interpretation is transformed by the fusion of contemporary technology and timeless classicism.

“Mon'holes Lisa” thus offers an immersive artistic experience, engaging the viewer in a visual and tactile exploration that transcends the limits of the traditional medium. This piece skillfully fuses the past and the present, offering a fascinating reinterpretation of one of the most iconic masterpieces in art history.

Limited edition of 10 copies
Sold with certificate of authenticity
Signed and numbered by engraving on the back
- Length: 55 cm
- Width: 36 cm
- Thickness: 3 cm
Material: Plexiglas
With hanging system.
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