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Orléans - Wooden map

Orléans - Wooden map

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of an exceptional decoration with this original gift entirely designed in wood, handcrafted in France for an inimitable artisanal touch. Let yourself be seduced by this superb relief representation of the city of Orléans.

This delicate card is carefully crafted from three layers of FSC-certified wood. The main roads of the city are elaborately carved on the first layer, creating a striking contrast, while the secondary roads are finely etched on the second layer, adding an exceptional dimension of detail. The waterways are beautifully cut out, revealing a third layer painted in blue, providing an artistic and captivating representation of the city of Orléans in France.

Offer a gift that skillfully combines the authenticity of French craftsmanship with a remarkable visual aesthetic, a unique piece that will evoke the beauty and harmony of the city of Orléans in every detail.

Each product is unique and is made of poplar plywood. Poplar plywood has natural properties. Variations in color and grain are natural. In the color representation, there may be slight deviations between our illustrations in the online store and the finished product, which is for technical reasons. Due to production using modern laser technology, the cut edges become light brown/black. All of these properties are within the tolerance range and do not constitute grounds for complaint. Non-contractual photo.

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