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The Ultimate Puzzle - Level 5 - Wooden Board Games

The Ultimate Puzzle - Level 5 - Wooden Board Games

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This puzzle is made up of several transparent acrylic pieces. Each piece has a unique shape, which makes the puzzle even harder to solve.

To solve this puzzle, you will not only need to be patient and thorough, but also have good deduction and logic skills. You'll have to sort the pieces and try different combinations until you find the ones that fit together perfectly.

There may be several almost similar pieces and it will sometimes take several tries before finding the right place for each piece. This puzzle will take you hours or even days or weeks to solve, depending on your level of perseverance and skill at solving puzzles.

But once the puzzle is completed, you will have the satisfaction of seeing it put together before your eyes and having taken on an ultimate challenge.

Its size is 25 x 25 cm

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