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Voronoï Nb II

Voronoï Nb II

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The artwork titled “Voronoi Nb II” brilliantly merges two distinct artistic universes: the colorimetric style of Piet Mondrian and the organic complexity of Voronoi diagrams. This square piece embodies a unique symbiosis between rigorous order and natural spontaneity.

This apparent minimalism is subtly subverted by the introduction of the voronoi. These irregular shapes, inspired by natural geometry, spread from specific anchor points, delicately breaking the rigidity of the Mondrian grid. The voronoid cells are filled with bright primary colors - red, yellow, blue - true to Mondrian's signature aesthetic.

The work explores the dialogue between order and chaos, geometry and nature, evoking a dynamic tension that emanates from the bold juxtaposition of these seemingly opposing elements. The vibrant palette and irregular contours of the voronoi bring an organic vitality to the composition, suggesting an underlying energy to the apparent rigor.

“Voronoï Nb II” thus embodies an innovative fusion of styles, inviting the viewer to contemplate the harmonious coexistence of geometric abstraction and natural complexity, while celebrating Mondrian's legacy in a captivating contemporary interpretation.

The work can be placed or hung on the wall according to everyone's desire and inspiration.

Limited edition of 10 copies
Sold with certificate of authenticity
Signed and numbered by engraving on the back

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 0.6 cm
Material: Plexiglas
Without hanging system.
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